Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Harry Potter- Great Hall

One of the first environments I ever modeled was sophomore year and I modeled the great hall from Harry Potter. Well, looking back on that this year I realized how awful it was, so I decided to re-model it. So here I've posted first the original model from sophomore year, and then my new model from senior year.

Original sophomore year model
New senior year model

Duchess change

So after a discussion with one of my professors I am changing the story behind Duchess. She is now a ghost who is consistently waiting for someone, perhaps her one true love. So everywhere that the light touches is going to be perfect and pretty as if preserved. Everywhere there is darkness is going to be torn apart and old, except for her. She will stay pretty and perfect except wherever the light doesn't touch her will be transparent and ghost like. So I went through my concept piece and quick changed it.