Monday, October 10, 2011

Duchess color change

Once again I have changed my color pallette on the duchess piece. Charlotte keeps telling me I'm spending too much time on the pre-visualization of the piece and not enough time on the piece, so this will probably be my last update on the layout and now I really need to focus on getting it all modeled. However I wanted to spend more time making it look right now so I can see what it will look like when I go in to do final textures, lighting, etc and I wont have to be figuring this stuff out then. Anyways, I changed the color palette basically because I felt the scene was too warm. It's supposed to be very cold and lonely and depressing, so I changed to a cooler color palette and saturated everything a little more.I also added in a rainy background, because whats more sad than a rainy day? and I added in a chandelier to fill in the upper half of the scene a little more.

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